Screw Conveyors, Dischargers

Screw conveyors, feeders and dischargers based on Archimedian screw principles are an essential part of many storage and processing systems dealing with powdered or granular materials. They are commonly used for general movement and distribution of bulk materials as well as for bulk intake, silo discharge and hopper discharge applications. Guttridge Screw Conveying machinery operates across the world in a wide variety of markets, from grains, feeds and foods to oilseeds, biomass, waste and minerals.

Screw conveyor handling capabilities

In general most free flowing powders, grains and pellets, as well as many semi-free flowing materials, can be conveyed or discharged with an archimedian screw system. The specification standard is also easily tailored to suit:

  • Abrasive materials
  • Damp, wet or sticky materials
  • Materials prone to fluidisation
  • Greasy, oily products
  • Hot, cold, wet or agressive environments


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Perry of Oakley U-Trough Screw Conveyors & Augers 

  • Perry manufactures a complete range of screw conveyors and augers. 
  • Standard diameters are from 100mm to 600mm. 
  • Larger diameters and machines for specialist applications can also be manufactured on request. 
  • All flightingscrew conveyors and augers can be manufactured from mild steel, hot dip galvanised, or from Stainless steel. 
  • Various drive options available. 
  • Various flight types available. 
  • Ideal for applications requiring stopping & starting under load. 
  • Screw Conveyors – Standard conveying applications use U trough screw conveyors up to an incline of 10 degrees. 
  • Augers – These are used for inclined applications from 10 to 75 degrees. They generally run faster than U trough screw conveyors. 
  • Bin Dischargers – These screw conveyors can be used as single machines or be twin, triple or quadruple in construction. This means that they have up to 4 flights in one casing. They are used to create a “live” bottom to a bin instead of using a hopper. This is useful when products dnot readily flow down a traditional hopper bin. 
  • Also they can be used to provide a controlled feed out of a hopper or bin into a process. The speed and output can be controlled using an inverter. 
  • They will have either a tapered flight and casing or a variable pitch flight and parallel casing to promote emptying of the hopper in an even manner. They can also be used as tipping pits for trucks and trailers to tip into. 


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