Belt & Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators are a simple but effective method of elevating free flowing and semi-free flowing bulk materials. Their inherent simplicity makes them a popular choice for bulk material handling and processing applications.

Application: Bucket Elevators are used in a wide variety of markets, from grains, feeds and foods to oilseeds, biomass, waste and minerals.

  • Fragile or friable materials
  • Oily materials and their products
  • Materials which fluidise
  • Abrasive materials
  • Hot or wet environments

Cases Studies include Joe Gortavoy Farm Feeds, Fish Meal Factory Killybegs, Roaches Animal Feed

Perry of Oakley Industrial Belt & Bucket Elevators

Capacities upto 1000tph based on wheat @ 750 kg/m³ suitable for full commercial use.  

  • Stainless steel /Galvanised steel /Mild steel powder coat painted construction options. 
  • Head shaft, pulley and bearing assembly easily removed in one piece.  
  • Shafts fitted nylon or felt shaft seals as standard. 
  • Belt tensioning by adjustable boot shaft. 
  • Solid crowned Head drum as standard, boot drums slatted as standard with other configurations available depending on product requirements.  
  • Large removable inspection panel for maintenance and efficient installation of the belt and bucket assembly. 
  • Boot and head shell are fitted with large access doors to enable easy cleaning. 
  • Seed boot option available with elevator boot on a short stand and a clean out tray for removal of residue. 
  • Buckets are Super Starco style with mild steel as standard.Options: HDP/Stainless steel /Zytel nylon. 
  • Explosion panels available to suit ATEX requirements. 
  • Full range of rotation, belt alignment and bearing temperature sensors can be supplied.  
  • Careful head and cap design allows for maximum output for size of bucket used. 
  • Drive configurations to suit customer preferences: V belt drive to shaft mounted speed reducer / shaft mounted gear unit. 
Adair Bulk Solutions

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