Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors are one of the most common types of conveyor system in use today and are used in a variety of industries to move goods and bulk materials. The proliferation of belt styles and designs since the 1960’s, as new synthetic materials have become available, has fuelled an enormous growth in applications for belt conveyors. Their inherent efficiency also makes them a popular choice where energy consumption is important.

Conveyor Belt Range

  • Carrier Slip Form range: suitable for light industrial and harvest duty grain storage applications. Animal feed mill – all live stock pig poultry, cattle, sheep horses
  • Troughed Roller range: suitable for heavy duty grain storage, animal feedmilling and general industrial applications. All live stock Capper Trading – previous installation
  • Custom Heavy Industrial Kleenbelt range: ideal where dust containment together with heavy duty design or special specification is required, usually custom-built to suit application needs.

Custom Built Belt Conveyors

Adair Bulk Solutions offer a specialized service too, where clients have very specific requirement and need a customised belt conveyor. Typical examples include very wide flat conveyors for slow moving unit loads, stainless steel units for applications such as hot foods, flexible wall units with bend sections for minerals and mobile flat belt conveyors for handling bags of animal feed.


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Perry of Oakley Belt Conveyors 

  • Capacities of up to 800tph based on wheat @ 750 kg/m³. 
  • In agricultural applications these conveyors are ideal for filling large storage sheds. A belt conveyor can be positioned in the apex of the building and a winched tripper can dis-charge grain all the way along the building avoiding the peaks and troughs formed by using a chain and flight conveyor with separate outlets. 
  • There are also many inclined applications up to 30 degrees depending on the product being handled. 
  • 3 piece steel trough construction or with a 3 roller trough belt assembly. 
  • These designs give an exceptionally rigid construction, easily capable of spanning 6m building bays. 
  • The section joints are of dimpled style, guaranteeing accurate alignment, and a smooth and strong connection. 
  • The Tripper device can either be motorised or hand operated.  
  • Two manually adjusted tensioning screws are fitted to the tail end. 
  • The belt is of a PVG compound type, with a Polyester carcass, giving excellent oil, mildew resistance, flame retardance to ISO. 340 and a satin top cover finish for improved product release. 
  • Other belt types can be grip face or Chevron for use on inclined applications. 
Adair Bulk Solutions

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