Mixers, Live Bins, Hoppers

We offer mixers, live bins and hoppers can be custom built to suit our customers’ individual requirements. ┬áThe standard specification is easily tailored to suit materials that are:

  • Abrasive
  • Prone to fluidisation
  • Damp or wet
  • Sticky
  • An extreme temperature
  • Handled in agressive environments

Various easy-clean options are available and the materials of construction and finish are varied to suit individual customer applications.

We offer a variety of machines from vertical mixers with a central vertical screw to screw bin dischargers, with equipment in operation in many different countries handling a wide variety of bulk materials.

Adair Bulk Solutions

If you need any help, or further information on how we can help with Mixers, Live Bins, Hoppers, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

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