Magnetic Tube and Grate Magnets

Magnetic Tube and Grate Magnets prove to be an economical way to remove ferrous metal contamination from any product steam as they are easily fitted or mounted.

The Ceramic Range are suited mainly for larger ferrous metal removal whereas the NPB Range are better designed to suit the plastic industry and the NHI Range are designed for fine particle removal and are certifiable for the food industry.

Magnetic Grates are an economical option as they can be placed in hoppers or feed pipes to collect ferrous and are removed easily for cleaning. Manufactured with a 25mm Tube Magnet from high quality 304 stainless steel.

They could also be manufactured from a 316 Stainless Steel for high corrosive applications and could also be supplied food grade. These are designed to suit Square or Round Openings. Heavy Duty Grates are also available for High Flow Rates and Hard to Handel and easily bridging materials.

Magnetic Tubes are designed to provide the optimum balance between holding force and reach out. Manufactured from high quality 304 Stainless Steel and are supplied as standard with a 25mm Diameter. They come with a tapped end hole making it easier to fit. An optional end plug with no tapped hole is also available.


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