Box Store Drying, Grain Drying and Storage

We can supply high-quality drive-on and box store drying and storage installations to the arable farming industry. Our suppliers have been delivering highly successful drying and storage installations for grain, rape, potato, seed, onion, pea and beans and more recently woodchip for biomass boilers.

Our service includes design, manufacture and installation, working to the highest specification drive-on floor and box store systems on the market.


Perry of Oakley Savannah Grain Driers 

  • All Perry Grain Driers are designed and manufactured in the UK. 
  • Designed to BS6399 for wind loading and BS5950 for structural strength. 
  • Fully galvanised construction. 
  • Capacities from 2M to 8M single and dual column. 
  • Capacities from 8 to 150tph. 
  • Grain column is manufactured from 2mm thick galvanised steel. 
  • The grain column has a completely ledge free design to reduce dust and straw residue. 
  • Tapered duct design to aid an even airspeed through the column of grain. 
  • The top rows of ducts in the drier are manufactured from 3mm thick galvanised steel to prolong life. 
  • The grain column has unique design features to promote even grain flow. 
  • Highly efficient pneumatic and electric shutter discharge. 
  • Very latest touch screen PLC panel. 
  • PLC drier control system designed and programmed in house. 
  • Full technical support direct from the manufacturer. 
  • Dedicated Research and Development drier. 
  • Automatic Drier control using air temperature measurement as standard. 
  • Optional Automatic Drier control using grain moisture measurement. 
  • Optional thermal insulation of furnace plenum and hot air sections of the drier. 
  • Variable cooling section adjustable from ground level. 
  • Fully Biomass fired driers available. 

Continuous Mixed Flow Driers 

A tried and tested way of moisture removal – High output with efficient fuel and electrical usage. 

  • All Perry driers are designed and manufactured in-house, to conform to British and international standards. 
  • Full technical support and servicing directly from the manufacturer. 
  • Very latest PLC program and control panel designed and programmed in-house. 
  • Capacities from 8 to 100 tph. 
  • Widths from 2M to 8M 
  • Designed to BS6399 and BS5950 for structural strength and wind loads calculated on a 50 year event. 
  • Fully galvanised 
  • Highly efficient pneumatic shutter discharge. 
  • 2mm thick grain column. 
  • The Perry drier has a completely ledge free grain column to help prevent the hang up of straw or dust 
  • Tapered duct design aids an even air speed across the entire drier width 
  • The top row of ducts in the drier is manufactured from 3mm galvanised steel to prolong life. 
  • The column also has unique design features to promote even grain flow. 

Dual Column Driers 

  • These driers combine the high capacity of a large drier combined with the flexibility of being able to use either half for drying small batches. 
  • If there is only a small amount of crop to be dried then only one column needs to be used. One column can be left filled with one crop whilst the other column is used to dry another. This significantly reduces lost time spent filling and emptying the drier between batches. 

Fuel and Burner Options 

  • Diesel 
  • Kerosene 
  • Natural gas 
  • LPG 
  • Dual fuel (gas and oil in the one burner)  
  • Biomass 

Drying Light Seeds 

  • The Perry drier has a fan bypass plenum to allow air to be bled directly into the fans from ground level. This ensures that airspeeds are not increased in front of the full ducts. 
  • The PLC panel also gives the option to turn a fan off if a drier has multiple fans. (Fan shutters must be fitted to use this) 
  • To help achieve the low temperatures required when there is also low air flow due to the lightness of the crop the PLC panel has the ability to turn burners on and off to maintain the low temperature if fitting smaller jets is not enough. 
  • Optional inverter control for the drier fans to reduce energy consumption and crop lift off when drying light crops. 

Access & Cleaning 

We have also improved the access to the Savannah Series Driers by putting two access hatches in the roofs of all 4m, 5m & 6m driers, this will make it easier to access inside of the driers for cleaning and maintenance and the adjustment of proximity probes in the reserve section. 

  • There are large access doors into the exhaust plenum. These also allow cleaning out of any blockages that may occur in the baffles above the discharge shutters. 
  • The internal of the drier has a lot of cross bracing which is dimpled to provide anon slip surface. These can be used as a ladder to access the drier for cleaning and inspection. Harness attachment points are at every level. 
  • Sight glasses in the exhaust plenum allow monitoring of dust and chaff build-up. 

Drier Discharge 

The drier is provided with a Tee connection on the pneumatic panel that is mounted on the drier discharge, with a 12mm connection for the air compressor and PCL fitting to enable the connecting of a clean down airline hose for cleaning the drier. We provide 10m of air hose, and a fitting on the compressor so it can be connected straight to the drier.  There is also a contactor in the panel to provide the electrical connection for the compressor. 

  • All Perry driers are equipped with a pneumatically operated fully galvanised shutter discharge system. 
  • The length of the opening time and the frequency is fully adjustable from the drier PLC panel. 
  • Twin rams fitted on 2, 3 and 4M drier discharges. 
  • 4 rams fitted on 5 and 6M drier discharges. 
  • Pneumatic control panel mounted on the side of the discharge. 
  • Sight glasses & slides fitted to hoppers 

Fan Options 

The operation of our fans has been improved with the release of the Savannah Series range of continuously mixed-flow driers, as they are controlled by an inverter. The inverter panel is separate, but linked, to the main control panel, eliminating the need to open-air scoops as on previous models. The fans have been re-selected to reduce the overall drier absorbed power consumption, giving a new maximum fitted power of 22kW.? 

  • Standard fans with 1D silencers 
  • Standard fans with 1D silencers with pods 
  • Side mounted fans with rain beaks 
  • Vertically mounted fans with standard silencers 
  • Vertically mounted dust reduction fans 
  • E/P operated weather shutters fitted to vertically mounted fans 
  • E/P operated fan dust shutters to reduce the dust and chaff output when the discharge shutters open available as an option. 
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